Every day, each and every one of us deals with issues that impact our families. And sometimes those issues require us to go to court. Where do you begin? Who do you turn to?

The Law Office of Garcia & Garcia

We have represented clients who find themselves at a crossroad because their marriage is corning to an end or because they need to protect themselves and their children. We can help!

We understand the pressure and stress that comes with getting a divorce or trying to establish visitation with your son or daughter. If you are seeking a divorce, a legal separation, custody or visitation of your children, modification of an existing custody or visitation order…we can help!

We know it is not an easy time in your life. And you need someone that you can trust to explain the process and not take advantage of you.

Cases we have represented clients on include:

  • Divorce – Dissolution, Summary Dissolution, & Legal Separation
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Establishing Parentage
  • Modification of existing orders

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